Oh Lindsay... 10/28/2010
I always find Halloween to be a creativity test.  How will you dress your kid?  Will the costume be store bought or homemade? (I did homemade once and my son asked me never to do it again.) Who's hosting the pre-party?  What will you bring?  What candy do you want to buy (hoping there are leftovers of course), and so on.

This year we were invited to an adult costume party, and since my brainpower was dragging, we hit the costume store and asked for ideas.

Where did I end up?  Lindsay Lohan in prison...love it!  I've already got the long, straight hair, light eyes and freckles.  Add the sexy black and white stripe uniform (of course this one's a dress), the matching hat, the over-sized sunglasses...and of course I'll be wearing leopard tights with my stripes and lots of bling.

I know, you're wondering what any of this has to do with being vegan.  Well, other than letting you know that Halloween's great for your waistline since we can actually eat very few kinds of candy, here's the "trick" ~  PETA has offered to foot part of Lindsay's rehab bill if she goes vegan!  Yes, they are willing to pay up to $20,000 of Lohan's $50,000 bill for her three-month court-ordered stay, "if she gives up one more toxic substance: meat."

You need to read it to believe it, right?  Click here...http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/39894595/from/toolbar

And why wait for Halloween for a "treat"?  While you're reading, try some of the Green&  Black organic chocolate bars, in one of their extra dark varieties (check the label to be sure you buy one that's dairy free.)  Vegan and so decadent, you just need a little at a time.  I'd take it over Reese's or Snickers any day!


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