Bedford Post 09/14/2010
Sunday morning was one of those warm, gray yet peaceful ones, the feel of the proverbial calm before the storm (which thankfully never came.)  I took a long (4-5 mile) walk with my neighbor, Laurie, sort of a weekend tradition with my neighbors and me, and then headed back for some bold, hot coffee.

Instead of settling in at home, I grabbed my son and we hopped in the car for the barely 3 minute ride to Bedford Post, a restaurant, inn and cafe founded by Westchester residents Carey Lowell, Russell Hernandez and Richard Gere in 2007 on an historic property dating back to the 1860's.  

As you can learn (and view) on their website, Bedford Post boasts an eight-room luxury inn, yoga studio, and two distinct restaurants: The Barn, for casual dining, and The Farmhouse, for more formal dining.  As you can imagine, it's like a little haven, if only for an hour, and I love it there.

Though I wanted to sit outside, my son wanted in, so I relented (as I usually do when it comes to him.) This gave me full view of the scrumptious pastry display ~ fresh croissants, various muffins, macaroons, cupcakes, cookies...some were even gluten-free...something they'd not had before.  

The menu, it turns out, had also been updated due to the hiring of a new chef which made brunch for this vegan much easier.  After some debate, I settled on a hearty yet cold lentil and quinoa pairing atop a little avocado, some greens and sliced tomato.  And yes, bold, hot coffee with soy milk (and a refill or two.)  (For the non-vegans, my son had the eggs benedict, sans sauce, and loved every decadent bite!)

Bedford is a bucolic suburb approximately 40 miles north of Manhattan, an hour's drive...if you're in NY, it's worth the trip.  And bring a yoga mat if you're coming all that way (but I'd recommend the yoga before the meal!)

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