Bodrum and Nuela 12/15/2010
Sometimes eating out gets stale (no pun intended.)  I don't know about you, but I know it's easy for me to fall back on my old standards, especially as the weather drops further below freezing!

This week I had the chance to try two new restaurants in NYC and catch up with good friends at the same time.  Though neither would be considered a vegan establishment, I have a couple of dishes to recommend as I know it's far more often that I am at a traditional restaurant than a vegan one!

The first was
Bodrum on the Upper West Side.  This quaint meditterranean establishment is rather sparse but something about the deep blues and whites of the decor really whisper of the sea, even when you're actually on Amsterdam in early winter.  My friend, Stephanie, recommended the braised leeks in olive oil and citrus with a little rice and it was delicious!  Though there was a touch more oil than I would have liked, this small plate was surprisingly filling and very enjoyable.  I got far more than I expected in this appetizing portion.

The second was Nuela.  This relative newcomer to 24th Street was a vibrant place to be, even on a Tuesday night.  Swags of orange fabric, brightly colored walls (and really cool bathroom doors) outfit this lively, hip scene, with a latin menu that offers a wide variety for eager carnivores!  My friends raved about their salmon (and the bread...) and though I struggled to find anything I could eat, I settled on the shaved hearts of palm salad with farota, dried dates and coconut vinaigrette with a side of Chinese broccoli and I was all set!  (Weird combination but neither was enough on its own.)   I am sure if I examined the menu more closely, I could have found one or two other selections (had I requested ingredients be left out) but I really enjoyed the meal ~ and being with two of your oldest and closest friends always helps!

Once again I proved being a vegan doesn't have to stand in my way of a great time!

Veg and the City