Candle 79 01/24/2011
I honestly don't know where to begin.  I've been to Candle 79 (on 79th at Lexington) before, and as I work a mere 24 blocks south of this vegan haven, I don't know why today was only my second visit.  For many of you reading this, each time you enter a restaurant and read the menu you have so many items to choose from.  If it were like that for vegans too, there'd be no need for my blog!  I cannot tell you how overwhelming it was to look at a menu from which I could literally order anything...

Beverages...we'll start there. Maybe you want a limonade (lemon, lime, agave nectar and ice) or an apple betty (apple, pear, banana, and cinnamon)?  Or what about a mocha latte (mocha soy ice cream, coffee, soy milk and fat-free fudge) or a supreme protein shake (soy milk, banana, and vanilla or chocolate protein powder)?  It was negative 6 degrees when I woke up this morning so I went with the lavender and lemon-verbena tea.  Honestly? It was delightful.  Really.

Salads...they had quite a few.  There were really interesting options but I wanted a hot lunch so I ordered one to go (dressing and bbq tempeh on the side) for tomorrow.  It's an avocado stuffed with other veggies and quinoa for protein (I think some chickpeas too.)  If you order off of the gluten-free menu (how are you not loving this?) you can get a Caesar salad...I've missed those!

Imagine a pan-seared seitan sandwich with steamed greens, caramelized onions and avocado served on toasted focaccia with an ancho chili aioli and coleslaw OR, if you're not into seitan (say-tan not satan...) go with my choice ~ a black bean and pumpkin seed burger with decadent polenta fries with a smoky ketchup dip (my friend, Nancy, got it too.)  How about a wild mushroom and butternut squash risotto or a spaghetti with wheatballs?  Or a combination of proteins, rices and veggies of your choice like my friend, Marcia, got?  Decisions decisions!

In case you're not full just reading this, sides include various rices, quinoa salad, beans, and more...and then there are the desserts....carrot cake with a vanilla cream frosting, a peanut butter chocolate bliss pie, decadent chocolate cake with berry coulis...I had lunch at 1, was too full to try the dessert, and wasn't hungry again til 8:30.  I need to go back...anyone want to join me?


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