Le Jardin du Roi in toney Chappaqua, New York, is a quaint French bistro without the attitude. The backdrop to romantic dinners, outdoor dining on warm summer evenings or Sunday family brunch, tonight it was the perfect place for me and one of my dearest friends, Lisa, to dine, laugh and catch up as we plan our next venture together.  (Veg and the City fans are hopefully in for quite a treat!) 

Over the past nine years, Le Jardin has become a local favorite, whether you stop by for a cappucino (not for vegans of course), a deftly prepared pasta or salad, or a Sunday morning mimosa.  Fortunately, while not a vegan haunt (they are best known for their burgers but clearly that’s not on my menu of options) the staff is more than willing to adapt the menu to suit your dietary needs.  

Tonight, a particularly brusque wintery night, I was feeling compelled to try the soup du jour ~ a pumpkin bisque that was not only vegetarian but also dairy free ~ a true vegan delight.  In my true restaurant fashion, I had a hard time making a decision, as I also condidered the grilled portabello cap with roasted bell pepper in a balsamic reduction, and an endive salad enhanced by grapes and walnuts (holding the cheese please!) 

While sipping a glass of cotes du rhone, getting more lost in conversation than the menu, I wound up selecting the Salade de Poulet et sa Ratatouille (hold the poulet!) ~ a bed of organic mesclun with boiled purple potatoes and warm ratatouille.  It was a plate of comfort and the complete meal (accompanied by french bread dipped in a bit of salted olive oil) was a wonderful way to warm myself after a bitter cold commute! 

A tip for you to consider:  I ordered a side of steamed broccoli.  There is something about a crunchy texture that always makes meals more satisfying to me, and adding a steamed vegetable allows you to feel more full without adding excess calories.  If you're still craving something more when you finish, enjoy a cup of hot tea or black coffee and a bit of sorbet.  Hardly a guilty addition!


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