Girl's Night Out 08/09/2010
For those of you familiar with New York City, you know the Meatpacking District is about far more than getting filet to a table ~ it boast swank hotels, trendy nightlife, high fashion and cutting edge boutiques, and many fabulous restaurants.  Because it is such a hot spot, attracting celebrity A-listers, tourists and everyone in between, it's a great place for vegan fare, even without any vegan restaurants around! 

For starters, I had lunch at Pastis, a bustling French bistro on W. 14th Street.  Their french fries are vegan (and almost too good to resist) but I opted for their roasted eggplant salad with chickpeas, fresh tomato and feta (hold the cheese please!)  It was something different from my usual chopped salad, and truly delicious.

I stayed at the Standard Hotel that night, so dinner and breakfast the following day were all in the same vicinity.  While I must admit my dinner at a different venue paled in comparison to lunch, once again, simply leaving off the cheese left me with a bunch of choices.  Breakfast at the Standard Grill was light, but I had delicious mixed berries in a light vanilla simple sugar with mint and some decaf herbal tea.  I'm telling you, my 24 hours downtown didn't suffer a bit from my dietary restrictions (and the cocktails on the roof deck of the Standard were pretty great too, along with a fabulous views of the city skyline!)

Veg and the City