Juice-y 08/12/2010
One of the tricks to living as a vegan, especially on a busy schedule like mine, is finding quick easy-to-grab meals on the go. It's amazing how many times I've had breakfast or dinner on the train, but when you're on the run all the time, packing light and moving quick becomes the norm!

A favorite quick pick these days is juicing. It's delicious and packed full of vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants - it's super food. Granted, I didn't come to this myself - I was on a medical cleanse and this was recommended as a great way to incorporate lots of fruits and vegetables without having to eat all day long - but now I love it!

In NYC, juice bars are everywhere, so mixing and matching carrot and orange juice or beets, ginger, apple and kale (it's much better than it sounds) is pretty easy to come by. But there are even easier ways!

I recently stumbled across Cooler Cleanse in Manhattan. They have 3 and 5 day juicing cleanses, or you can design a custom cooler and have it delivered to your door. Each bottle runs $8-$10 and they have a variety of different flavor combinations to suit any palate. Jamba Juice is a great national chain, though they have very few veggies, and the Naked Juice line, at many Starbucks, is great too. You can spend the money to invest in a juicer and do it all at home ~ then the combinations are endless ~ but if you're as busy as I am, these are some great alternatives (and there's no cleaning involved!)


Veg and the City