Nobu 12/22/2010
Yesterday I had the opportunity to join my aunt and cousin at one of my favorite restaurants in NYC ~ Nobu 57.  This midtown establishment, adorned with bamboo accents, shell chandeliers, beautiful fabric, and graceful lighting, gives highly acclaimed chef Nobu Matsuhisa an elegant setting in which to showcase some of his classic dishes along with new creations in his own inimitable style.
I was in the mood to try something new, so I started with the oshinko salad ~ an interesting, salty and somewhat sour combination of pickled vegetables. I must admit my cousin and I didn't love it all, but the plum (which did not look particularly appealing) and the Japanese yellow carrot were rather refreshing and definitely among my favorites.

My other selection was the miso eggplant appetizer.  Thinly sliced and brushed with a sweet miso sauce and sesame seeds, this dish was cooked to perfection.  The meat of the eggplant was very tender, and the glaze made this sleek, small serving rather filling.

I almost never get dessert at lunch, but I felt compelled to try the tofu-tahini "tarte" with cashew-berry frozen custard.  It was fabulous!  The tarte looked like a mini-cheesecake with a fruity glaze (which, by the way, I never would have ordered even before I was a vegan) and the custard looked like a small square cut from a frozen chocolate terrine.  The flavors were a subtle mix of tart and sweet and the textures were creamy and decadent.  Next time, I may just start with that ;-)


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