O2 09/23/2010
Working in Manhattan and living in Westchester means that I don't always know what's new, right in my neighborhood.  Recently I discovered a place called O2living ~ Holisitic Health Spa & Center for Wellness.  They offer a variety of yoga classes (about which I cannot speak because I haven't had the chance to go), a boutique and a live food, totally vegan cafe (though there is milk for your coffee if you're a die hard.)

Remember my last entry (B.Y.O.Veggies!) when I mentioned I brought food to my brother's for dinner?  I bought it there.  Using organic, seasonal, and local ingredients as often as possible, they believe they can really promote a healthier you.  The foods are of interesting variety, crunchy, flavorful and well - seasoned, not at all bland or of any funky consistency.

I tried (not all in one sitting) their Southwest carrot and red cabbage slaw with a lime, cumin dressing, their red quinoa salad with almonds, scallions and flax (my favorite so far), their asparagus and baby grape tomatoes with lemon and garlic, and their fines herb marinated tempeh.  Now THAT'S a consistency I needed to get used to but I did eat the whole serving, even surprising myself!  They have six other dishes on their take out menu so when I have the time, I plan to go back and restock my fridge.  (Again, a great grab 'n go option ~ check out that post to if you haven't already!)

In addition, they have a pretty robust smoothie and juice menu (so far I've tried their signature greens drink and the red beet with strawberry and apple).  These drinks are designed to be used as a cleanse for 3, 5 or 7 days.  A nutrionist can be available to assist you.

If you go to their website (just click on the link above), you can see what they have in store.  If you live in Westchester, NYC or some parts of CT, delivery is available.

Enjoy...I'm running to meet my friend, Lisa, for lunch.  She's not a vegan but we're going to Bedford Post where I can enjoy the food too, so I don't want to be late!

Bon appetite!

Veg and the City