Organic Avenue 11/22/2010
I'll be honest ~ I am not a morning person.  When I have an 8:30am meeting (which means I need to be up around 5:30am), I'm not happy.  But then I get off the train and I'm in the city and my mood changes ~ I love Manhattan.

Today was one such morning.  I was so groggy, I might as well have picked out my clothes in the dark.  I threw my hair in a ponytail, grabbed the latest issue of People magazine and a banana and hopped aboard metro north train bound for Grand Central and then a quick subway ride to Astor Place.  On my way to my meeting (for which I was early) I passed David Barton Gym and was ecstatic to learn they are distributors of Organic Avenue foods!  My friend, Russell, has been raving to me about this vegan line for ages and here was my chance!  $45 later I walked out with fabulous lasagna ~ made from zucchini, cabbage, a variety of nuts, peppers, sun dried tomato, spinach, and tons of flavorful spices, a blueberry "pudding" with coconut, a banana almond smoothie and a cucumber and avocado soup.

To top it off, after an hour with a dear friend and colleague, I grabbed a soy cappucino from the Mud Truck ~ a trendy Village staple ~ an orange and brown food truck parked just atop the Astor Place uptown subway station.  It hit the spot and you have no idea how jazzed I was!

Ok ~ so let me just tell you that you need to find Organic Avenue now.  Google it.  The lasagna was remarkably delicious ~ yes, even without cheese, meat or even a single noodle!  I almost licked the container clean and was so satisfied with what appeared to be such a small portion ~ I wish I could have it again tomorrow.  Maybe I will!


Veg and the City