I had the opportunity to travel to Seattle for business, and fortunately, in addition to having the opportunity to explore a bit of the city, I was a guest at the W hotel.  Located at 1112 4th Street, if I did nothing but spend 3 days trapped inside, I'd be thrilled.

Due to airline issues, I arrived to the hotel at midnight last night, destroying much of my chance to sightsee this time around.  As soon as I walked in, the delay became irrelevant.  This uber chic hotel lobby greeted me with cool lighting, friendly service, a swanky geometrically irreverent design, and a wherever whenever concierge designed to answer (and meet) any question I had.  When I got up to my room (it's gorgeous) and fell into bed, I decided I was so comfortable I might never leave!

When I woke up this morning, I enjoyed the well-outfitted Sweat gym and then came back to the room where my Bliss spa bath products awaited me.  Room service arrived on the arm of a very friendly and well-dressed attendant who informed me that my Seattle coffee with soy milk and fresh berries were being accompanied by a warm vegan organic mini pumpkin spice donut.  Hello?  Delish...and what a nice surprise!

At lunch, as an exception from the fare for the rest of my colleagues, I had a mixed greens salad with blanched cauliflower in a lemon-tarragon dressing and a portobello mushroom, sauteed and sliced atop a hash of carrots, mushrooms, turnips, parsnips and baby squash...so flavorful, perfectly cooked ~ I didn't feel I missed a thing.

For dinner we went to Third Door lounge and musicquarium. (It was open mic night and talent did not prevail but we had fun.)  I enjoyed great asian fare from Wild Ginger (and a dirty martini from the bar.)  For kicks, I ended the night back at the W bar with a pear affair martini.

Just come to Seattle...hop a flight, or drive if you're close enough...I'm coming back in January for a conference (if they can actually get me to leave!)


Veg and the City