When I first became a vegan, I was really concerned with getting enough protein into my diet. I had relied heavily on grilled chicken and fresh fish before.  While I was willing to try tofu in a variety of different recipes, some of my other new options, like tempeh and seitan, took a lot of getting used to. I used to go online and search the protein content on everything ~ nuts, seeds, beans, vegan cheese, egg replacer...it became a full-time job (and I already had one)!
Bragg Liquid Aminos was an amazing gift I found at my local health food store, but they carry it at Whole Foods and other health food markets as well. It's is a Certified NON-GMO liquid protein concentrate, derived from healthy soybeans and packed with amino acids. With it's salty, soy sauce like flavor, it became a fast fave! It's so easy to use.  I have the spray bottle version myself, but they have it in bottles like they package balsamic vinegar for easy pouring as well. 
Using this is so simple ~ spray a little on steamed rice or a baked potato, put a dash in your soup stock when you're cooking up a pot, spray it on steamed vegetables or add some in place of soy sauce or tamari when making a stir fry.  Low sodium soy sauce still has 300+ mg of sodium per teaspoon compared to Braggs 220 mg...you do the math!)  The possibilities are endless.  Some people even spray it on their salad!
The added bonus? You get all of the health benefits protein provides, and it's calorie and fat free!  Just know that it takes quite a bit of this to compensate for a lack of other protein, so do not rely on this for your complete dietary source of protein!

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