Are you intrigued by naked cake (dare to be bare)? Or topless chocolate (nope – no toppings here!)  Well I am…and admit it, you are too!


Mighty O donuts, a Seattle based company, manufactures deliciously decadent donuts, traditionally sized and mini, in more than a dozen varieties.  The more provocatively titled kinds are those above, but how about nutty vanilla, cuckoo for coconut or french toast?  Of course they have many of the more common flavors as well.


It gets better.  Not only are they all natural and organic, and homemade right in this downtown Seattle location, but they are transfat and cholesterol free AND vegan!  (I also love that they only serve fair trade organic coffee in their shop to go with them.)


I was in Seattle for business earlier this week and, after banging out a couple of miles on the treadmill, I got back to the room and ordered some fresh berries and coffee to start off my day.  When room service arrived, they raved to me about the fabulous, warm mini pumpkin spice donut they brought to dunk in my coffee.  I rushed to tell them how much I appreciated the treat but I was a vegan, and to my surprise, so was the donut! Of course I ate it.  And it was worth it!


The shame of it all is that they don’t deliver, but I am talking to them to see if this is possible without a $50 overnight shipping charge, but if you’re in the Seattle area, you must go.  I’ll be back there in January and I’m already planning my trip (along with more time in the gym.)  But really, they’re vegan…so it can kind of count as health food, right?

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