Last night I had dinner at Plum, a small, vegan establishment in the heart of downtown Seattle. I had no idea what to expect, but this little coffee-shop'ish looking place didn't appear, in design, that it could possibly be as good as I'd been told. Looks can be deceiving.

On the tables were glasses of ice water with cucumber, lemon and orange. That was a nice start ~ it's one of the things I most look forward to when I arrive at day spas!

My friends and I (they're non-vegans but great sports) had so much trouble deciding what to get since so much sounded good. We decided to start with 3 appetizers: an avocado roll with brown rice & nori, carrots, asparagus, lettuce, vegan cheese, chipotle mayo & sesame seeds, topped with avocado; a frisee and endive salad with warm brussel sprouts, quinoa and toasted pecans and, lastly and surely not least, spicy cajun mac 'n' "yease" ~ wow! I haven't had mac 'n' cheese in three years ~ they knocked all hopes for this dish out of the box! (I did share but I didn't want to.)

For dinner we got a steaming hot order of quinoa and butternut squash risotto served with mushroom caps in a light cornmeal batter, gooey, sweet and savory, and apple and sage seitan with sage butter, crisp onion rings and asparagus spears (I didn't waste my calories on the asparagus...the onion rings were killer!) It was a tasty, filling ~ and really fun ~ meal!

Cory Hermann

It was a delicious meal! I was one of the non-vegans at the meal and it was very easy to be a good sport. The food was fantastic!


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