What happens when a fabulous chef and a talented personal trainer team up for an exciting new project?  You get Skinny Buddha!

"The Skinny" is a hand-held personal training program with custom-made meals and all the tools you will need to transform your body and life.

This six-week exercise and nutritional program is tailored to accommodate the physical and dietary needs of each individual.  There are seven different programs from which to choose, each with a different focus.  Following an evaluation with a licensed medical doctor and a complete analysis of your health, dietary, fitness and lifestyle history, they will work with you to find a perfect fit.

Whether you choose Buddha's Detox or the Long and Lean Flexi-Buddha, these programs are about opening your mind and body, and helping you as you strive to meet your fullest fitness potential.  To learn more about Chef Elyce Jacobson of Skinny Buddha and In Good Taste catering, go to www.ingoodtasteny.com.

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