New Beginnings

Just over 2 years ago, frustrated by years of abdominal pain, hives and a series of other fun side-effects left best unmentioned, I decided to see a specialist about my gastro-intestinal troubles.  After a great deal of bloodwork (and money) and a battery of other tests, I learned that while I enjoyed the taste of meat, poultry, fish and dairy, all things I had eaten since childhood, my body simply no longer had the ability to metabolize any of it.

It was then that this team of doctors recommended I switch to a vegan diet.

I got the news right before Mother's Day 2008, two days before I was planning to join my family at a beautiful prix fix brunch at a fabulous French restaurant I'd wanted to try for years.  While my family enjoyed their steak frites and creme brulee, I ate lettuce.  There may have been some other vegetables thrown in, and there was a roll and some olive oil I was able to eat, but truthfully I was miserable.  It just seemed too much to manage.  No tuna tartare? No Peter Luger's steak? No cheese and crackers?  Forever?  How was I ever going to make it through... 

Two weeks later, all of my stomach issues were a thing of the past and there was a major bonus - I was 8 pounds lighter!  I wasn't someone who battled with real weight issues but let's be honest, shedding a few extra pounds is never a bad thing!

Being a vegan isn't right for everyone, but eating healthily while still eating tasty, interesting food surely is, and you don't have to stay home or slave in your kitchen to make it work.  Whether you are a vegan for life, or even just a meal, I hope you find my tips, restaurant information and recipes helpful.  I look forward to sharing all of this with you!
Veg and the City